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Lunnis: the TV Show

Soon I’ll be posting all the stuff I did on texturing and modeling for the Lunnis’ next season. Lunnis is a popular puppet’s TV show for young kids broadcasted on the spanish national TV :)

Characters for Fun!

Hi there! I’ve made this project for fun with my friend and great 3D artist Joaquín Alme in order to create some guy using sss Skin that looked cool. He modeled the character based on my concept and rigged it with love :D. Then I modeled and sculpted viking’s accessories and props and also texturing, shading and hair. We used Maya, Zbrush, Xnormal, NDo2, and Shave and haircut for the hair. It was rendered using mental ray and finally composed in photoshop.

Don’t be afraid of him, he’s so nice!





Viking Model Sheet




Arm's Tattoo

You can tell for sure that my heroes are not usually strong and fit…. I’ve just recovered this concept about a nerd guy and his favourite lifeless pet. How sad is that? The real thing here is that I was looking to try out the amazing Arnold Render so I modeled the character just for this purpose. All the modeling it’s done in Maya, sculpted in ZBrush, then I used XNormal and CrazyBumps for maps, Joe Alter’s Shave and Haircut for hair and finally Photoshop for texturing and compositing.

All the shaders are Arnold’s Standard and Arnold’s SSS for Skin, pretty awesome what you can achieve just tweaking and playing with some parameters! Besides, the render is extremely fast and easy to understand. Just thinking a strong relationship between Arnold and me has born :)


Hi There!

Side View

pants & belt

Mighty Powerless Unicorn!

just the geo!

It’s a Sunny Day

I’m a big fan of the Art of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2. Personally, I think that their approach to the cartoon style is gorgeous! So, after watching the movie and immediately falling in love with the streets of San FranJosé I thought that it would be great to make my own one just to test how fast I’m modeling some some low-poly buildings and trying to give the whole scene a very different and personal look. Painting textures in a traditional, hand-made way is also something I really enjoy. Somebody told me it looks like a mix of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Meet Buck and if that it’s true, couldn’t be happier :) Anyway, I had some fun, hope you like it cos it’s a sunny day!

It's a Sunny Day

City Street

City Street #2

Cartoon CarCartoon Car TurnAroundCity StreetCartoon Shading Cartoon Shading

road highlights road midtones road shadows