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Lunnis: the TV Show

Soon I’ll be posting all the stuff I did on texturing and modeling for the Lunnis’ next season. Lunnis is a popular puppet’s TV show for young kids broadcasted on the spanish national TV :)

Characters for Fun!

Hi there! I’ve made this project for fun with my friend and great 3D artist Joaquín Alme in order to create some guy using sss Skin that looked cool. He modeled the character based on my concept and rigged it with love :D. Then I modeled and sculpted viking’s accessories and props and also texturing, shading and hair. We used Maya, Zbrush, Xnormal, NDo2, and Shave and haircut for the hair. It was rendered using mental ray and finally composed in photoshop.

Don’t be afraid of him, he’s so nice!








Arm's Tattoo