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Netflix’s Love Death + Robots Vol. 2 / The Tall Grass

I’m so happy to share these images. During 2020 I had the privilege to work alongside great people and super talented artists at Axis Studios in one of the episodes for the second season of Love Death & Robots. I was involved texturing most of the environments and also modelling and texturing all the props.

You can watch some stills of my work after the trailer. I’ll be showing basically my textures for the whole train (interior and exterior) and some WIPS. It was about for months of work painting like crazy! Hope you enjoy it :)

Special thanks to everyone involved in this project.  I’m so proud of what we did and being a part of it


Recently, I’ve been working at SPA Studios as Senior 3D Surfacing Artist for «Klaus». As you can imagine, every 3D asset has been hand-painted from scratch to keep the style of the movie, and let me say, it will be absolutely gorgeous! It has been a real pleasure working with so many talented people under the art direction of Marcin Jakubowski and Szymon Biernacki :)

This is a selection of some of my favourites shots from my work at SPA Studios as a 3D Senior Surfacer in this delightful movie