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Solstice is a short film project, directed by Emilio Enigma and made by awesome people from all over the world. After a great reception from many competitions and festivals and support from companies like Artella and Solidangle, we’re currently bringing it to life.

My role as a Lead Texture and Shading Artist for the environments and props is to adapt the beautiful art made by the concept art artists to the 3D, trying to keep as much as possible the feeling of handpainted textures combined with phisically correct shading. As soon as possible I’ll be posting some of my work. You can find out more in the official website Solstice Short Film

By the way, the daylight and neutral lightrigs are made by my friend and lighter at Ilion Animation Studios Noela Leis :)

Winter’s House Concept Art

Winter’s House renders after textures & shading