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AFK Arena – A Flame Reborn

Before the end of the year 2021 I had the pleasure to work on this cinematic. I’ll be always proud of all the time I shared with the talented people at Axis Studios.

As usual, I worked texturing and shading all the 3D assets : )


Solstice is a short film project, directed by Emilio Enigma and made by awesome people from all over the world. After a great reception from many competitions and festivals and support from companies like Artella and Solidangle, we’re currently bringing it to life.

My role as a Lead Texture and Shading Artist for the environments and props is to adapt the beautiful art made by the concept art artists to the 3D, trying to keep as much as possible the feeling of handpainted textures combined with phisically correct shading. As soon as possible I’ll be posting some of my work. You can find out more in the official website Solstice Short Film

By the way, the daylight and neutral lightrigs are made by my friend and lighter at Ilion Animation Studios Noela Leis :)

Winter’s House Concept Art

Winter’s House renders after textures & shading

Studio Kimchi

Some texturing & shading work I’ve done for Studio Kimchi (animation studio based in Barcelona & better guys!) from time to time, including projects for Polaroid, Fadecase & the UN Refugee Agency (please, check out their website in the link above for breakdown and details)

render detail


Polaroid Pop from Studio Kimchi on Vimeo.



Cedevita Kids

Some time ago I was asked by Point Bleu to carry out a full process of design for Cedevita. This brand is a well-known drink product in Croatia and eastern Europe and they wanted to release and promote some flavours for their kid’s line. The main goal was to transform and renovate bottles and packaging becoming something to collect, play or just have fun with.

It was great because I was totally free to explore and bring ideas, crazy characters and everything that come to my mind. Here you can see some of my work, from the first rough sketches to the final packaging that you can already find in stores

Hope you like it :)











monkey design

pirate design

pirateGirl design









It’s a Sunny Day

I’m a big fan of the Art of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2. Personally, I think that their approach to the cartoon style is gorgeous! So, after watching the movie and immediately falling in love with the streets of San FranJosé I thought that it would be great to make my own one just to test how fast I’m modeling some some low-poly buildings and trying to give the whole scene a very different and personal look. Painting textures in a traditional, hand-made way is also something I really enjoy. Somebody told me it looks like a mix of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Meet Buck and if that it’s true, couldn’t be happier :) Anyway, I had some fun, hope you like it cos it’s a sunny day!

It's a Sunny Day

City Street

City Street #2

Cartoon CarCartoon Car TurnAroundCity StreetCartoon Shading Cartoon Shading

road highlights road midtones road shadows