Flying Squirrels

Flying Squirrels is the last tv show I’ve been working on as a Lead Texture Artist. It’s an adventures series ideal for kids between 9 to 12 years old created by Mago Production and produced by several spanish tv channels and Canal Plus France.

My work has been to develop and carry on with the look and textures for the main characters and some sets.

Flying Squirrels

In order to get the look of the show we have focused in hand-painted textures, having strokes and bright colors as main features. So we painted the textures with love and then applied them to a surface shader mixing it with several render layers as you can see in the next images.

Ambient Occlusion

lights layer

shadows layer

diffuse layer

Final Result

Final Look

A few more images as an example and basically that’s all, hope you like it! :)





Antique Shop's Witch


Moses Face

Sara's Jacket

Pierre's Jeans

and finally some sets!


Antique Shop

diffuse example


High School hallway #1

High School hallway #1

High School hallway #3