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This is my last personal project based on a concept of the great Mikhail Rakhmatullin. Check out his work because he’s amazing.
Most of the modelling was made by my friend Joaquin Alme I modelled some stuff like the roots, branches, helmet etc. and basically did all the texturing, shading, lighting and the final comp.

You can take look at the final renders and some of the process.

This is the original concept from Mikhail:

The aim was to do an extremely detailed work on hand-painted texturing and push my skills as fas as possible with a pretty basic geometry in terms of shapes.

Some close-ups renders:

My main challenge in this project was trying to achieve and stylized look for the texture combined with realistic shading, aiming to do all the moss and vegetation without any xgen or hair/fur plug-in, just pure displacement and I’m pretty happy with the results.

I just designed three types of really basic and low-poly shapes for moss to be scattered manually over the corners and some areas using mash

The most fun part was painting every texture by hand, adding every layer of paint, rust and surface imperfections without any kind of procedural masks. At the end I did almost 80 texture for all the channels of the character combined in several UDIM. You can see some reduced samples of some textures from the arms, red moss and more next:

I did the renders with multiple AOV and tweaked them in a pretty basic final comp, adjusting saturation for each channel, color correction and so on

Finally, there’s some nodes used for the red moss shading

Hope you like it! It was pretty fun :)